About Us

Bitcoin Fast Profit has a small team of professionals all dedicated to the same goal, giving people back their freedom.

When Bitcoin first caught people’s attention in 2017, our founders recognized it as something far beyond a new technological innovation. In it, they saw a future where the public was once again in charge of their own faith.

They hated how much control and power had been taken away from people over the last several hundred years. What was once a proud and free country was closer than it ever was to total governmental control, and Bitcoin was the solution.

However, they were disappointed by how inaccessible Bitcoin was made out to be by the mainstream media. It was presented as this futuristic technology that required a great deal of knowledge and caution to invest in.

The result was that Bitcoin remained limited to far fewer people than it should have been. It was kept far away from the general public’s hands and the possibility of a free future with it.

Over the months after the Bitcoin crash and bounce back, they realized that this future was slowly slipping down the drain. After a few months of watching this unfold, they realized that something needed to be done.


They needed a way to get Bitcoin into the average Joe’s hands. To do that, they needed a software that stripped away all of the technical jargon associated with other Bitcoin trading programs. Thus, they set about building a team.

There was no shortage of potential recruits who wanted into the project. The independent financial mindset was rampant in the Bitcoin world. What was lacking, though, were the people with the specific ability to take the expert knowledge that they had and explain it to a random person on the street.

Eventually, they found the right people, and work began.

The Program

Building Bitcoin Fast Profit took a lot of time and effort. There were countless unaccounted for issues and hurdles that the team encountered along the way.

For months, everyone slaved away in their offices, dedicated to getting a platform that suited their needs. Then, on one faithful night at the start of 2020, they had a eureka moment. Everything clicked, and within three weeks, the prototype was up and running.

The refinements should have only taken another month or two to complete, but the Coronavirus has other plans.

The project timeline was pushed back indefinitely, but the team wasn’t disheartened. Instead, they continued to work on the program from home.

It took far longer than anticipated, but eventually, the platform was ready to launch. That brings us up to where we are today, with a program that we believe can help steer the course of financial history.

Our goal from here on out is to get the software into the hands of as many ordinary people as possible. We don’t just want to reach those already contemplating Bitcoin, but the type of people that don’t even know about Bitcoin’s existence

Sign up today and join us for an exciting journey into the world of Bitcoin trading.